If you want to enable people living with dementia and their caregivers – join us as an Enabling Rockstar!

Get involved with any, or all, of these easy steps:

On Facebook:

1. Select our official Enabling Festival 2020 Facebook frame for your profile picture on Facebook. Go to www.facebook.com/profilepicframes. Select our frame from the menu or search for ‘Enabling Festival 2020’. Click Use as Profile Picture to save.

Collage of volunteers using the Enabling Asia Facebook Frame

2. Update your bio : ‘I’m supporting Enable Asia, making life better for people with dementia www.enableasia.org’.

3. Upload our Enabling Festival 2020 Facebook header onto your Facebook page.

On Instagram:
Repost Instagram posts from our profile @EnableAsiaSG. Tag us @enableasiasg and your image #EnableAsiaAmbassador

We suggest using these additional hashtags to spread the word:
#dementia, #mentalhealth, #caregiver #alzheimer #enablingfestival2020

Download our Enable Asia virtual backgrounds to use on ZOOM.
Choose from our meaningful quotes by dementia patients and their caregivers and help us project their voice.

Link to us: Please use this referral link to direct people to Enable Asia: https://bit.ly/2D0cXrh

Want to Go Above and Beyond? Yes!
Get your family, friends, school or company involved too! Ask them to become Virtual Ambassadors as well. Share this page and our easy steps ‘How to Be a Virtual Ambassador’ with them.

Please Read this Important Note on Privacy & Copyright
By participating in our Enabling Rockstar online volunteer campaign; by using our Enable Asia Facebook Frame, and/or our Zoom virtual backgrounds, you grant Enable Asia LLP permission to republish these images for our marketing purposes. You also confirm that these images are of yourself and/or that you own copyright on them and rights to publish online. 

Want to help us another way?If you’d like to support Enable Asia in another way, please email us Danny.raventan @enableasia.org or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you. We’d love to hear from you.