Enable Asia

Enabling person with dementia to live a life with dignity and grace

Nurture, Allow,
Bid, Leverage
and Enrich

Enable people with dementia to live a life with
dignity and grace.

Nurture others to understand the meaning of humanity.

Allow an inclusive, tolerant and mindful community to

Bid to stimulate formation of new industries, create future
jobs and opportunities, locally and globally.

Leverage knowledge and best practices to impact lives
across Asia.

Enrich the lives of caregivers and reduce their stress .

Together We CAN. Together We WILL!


Daniel met Danny in LASALLE College of the Arts


Daniel’s dad was diagnosed with dementia


Danny had cancer, became a full time painter


Danny’s mum was diagnosed with dementia in 2015


Danny featured on Facing Dementia

2018 Jan

Danny and Daniel featured on Connecting – A caregiver tips Facebook Series

2018 Feb 22

Enable Asia Was Born

2018 March

Established collaborations

Our pioneers



A world where dementia is but a distant memory.

Meet Danny



Enable people with dementia to live a life with dignity and grace.

Meet Daniel

Meet Danny: Art and Dementia

Danny Raven Tan had always dreamt about being a artist since he was a child but he have to put his ambitions on the backburner and yield to his parent’s wishes of a getting into the university.

Meet Danny: “When We Are Old” Finalist for Unbroken

“When you are old” was also the only Asian film shortlisted for UNBROKEN FILM COMPETITION. It was indeed a pleasant surprise!

Meet Daniel: Life as a Working Caregiver

I was 30 years old in 2009, and building a career for myself in Singapore. All that changed when my father was diagnosed with dementia. I have been my family’s sole breadwinner and main caregiver to both my parents.

Meet Daniel: A Day in the Life of a Caregiver

Being a working caregiver meant that I used up most of my annual leave to care for my parents. Fortunately, after speaking out – I was given some flexible work arrangement. Here’s an example of how my day was like as a caregiver.