Join us for ‘Essential Oil Stress Relief ‘, from 8.00-8.30 pm on 8th October 2020. Book here.

Using Essential Oils to Relieve Stress

This online webinar is great for anyone interested in finding out how essential oils can relieve the symptoms of dementia, and promote a sense of calm.

Join Wellness Consultant, Shaan Lee, of Wellness Renaissance in our Festival Chit Chat session #4. Shaan will introduce us to the basic usage of essential oils and simple massage techniques. Shaan is an advocate of health and wellness through the use of dōTERRA Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils and toxic free products. She believes in preventive healthcare, and leading a life that is full of vitality and energy. 

Meet Shaan Lee
Certified Essential Oils Therapist & Aromatherapist
dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Wellness Renaissance Enabling Festival 2020 Offer

Those who complete Festival Chit Chat session #4, will qualify for a complimentary consultation session with Wellness Renaissance! Please scroll down to see the offer details at the bottom of this post. 

Visit our Enabling Festival 2020 online now for this session and more! Making life better for people with dementia.

Benefits of aromatherapy for people with dementia

Benefits of aromatherapy for people with dementia  can include increasing the length of time people with dementia sleep, and decreasing signs of agitation such as wandering and excessive movement.  There are also some important things to be aware of when using oils. For example, smells may trigger memories for a person which they may find confusing or distressing. Essential oils can affect us all differently, and we recommend you seek advice from a medical professional, or certified essential oils therapist before trying essential oils for the first time.  We also recommend further reading on the use of essential oils for people with dementia on Dementia UK

Wellness Renaissance Offer Details

Wellness Renaissance are generously offering 100 wellness consultations, on a first come first serve basis, to any visitors to the festival. Claim your offer by emailing Shaan at brillianceglow and using the referral code ‘Enable Asia’. The wellness consultations will help identify your health and wellness goals, and you will be given essential oil recommendations based on these. The offer includes a free stress relief roller and essential oil sample.  Consultancy sessions are 30-60 minutes duration. This offer expires on 1st Dec 2020.  For further information on this offer please contact Shaan at Wellness Renaissance directly.